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Minor in Philosophy and Law

18 credits, including:
PH 231             Philosophy of Law
PH 240             Political Theory

A minimum of one course in logic:

PH 110             Critical Thinking
PH 115             Formal Logic I

A minimum of one course in ethics:

PH 130             Ethics: Human Values and Conduct
PH 131             Medical Ethics
PH 132             Business Ethics
PH 133             Social and Political Ethics

A minimum of one course in the history of philosophy:
PH 101             Ancient Western Philosophy
PH 102             History of Modern Western Philosophy, 1600-1800
PH 201             19th Century European Philosophy
PH 202 Selected Topic in 20th – 21st Century Philosophy

Any elective philosophy course(s) if sixth course is not from one of the lists above.


PH 151             Race, Gender, and the Law
PH 215             Formal Logic II
PH 241             Genocide and Human Rights
PH 251             Mass Violence Against Women
PH 260             Philosophy of Science
PH 360             Philosophy of History

Minors should contact the Chair of the Philosophy Department to arrange for departmental advising, and they should select their philosophy courses in consultation with their departmental advisor. Advising can include support for a student’s graduate, law, or other professional school application process.

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