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Minor in Computer Science and Interdisciplinary in Web Development

Interdisciplinary Minor in Web Development: (18 Credits)

All courses must be chosen from the Computer Science (CS) and Communication (CM) department courses list (listed below).

Three (3) credits of the required 18 credits may be completed as an internship in the web development or web design area, in either the Computer Science or the Communication department in consultation with the CS department.

At least 9 credits (3 courses) must be completed from the CS courses list.

At least 6 credits must be completed from the CM courses list.

List of Computer Science Department Courses:

CS 161             Basics of Web Design
CS 261             Advanced Web Design Using Scripting Languages
CS 235             Data Communication and Networking for Non-Majors
CS 265             Database Applications

List of Communication Department Courses:

CM 105             Media Writing
CM 160             Introduction to Digital Imaging
CM 180             Introduction to Advertising
CM 247             Introduction to Multimedia
CM 374             Advanced Multimedia

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