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Major in Psychology

Standards for Minimum Academic Performance in the Psychology Major:
The Psychology major requires a minimum grade of C- in all courses applied to the major. Courses may be repeated. The C- minimum grade does not apply to psychology courses beyond those applied to the major (four specified, four from specified areas and four elective courses). Students must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in the major, consistent with Worcester State University policy.

Requirements for a Major in Psychology: The Psychology major requires successful completion of 12 courses in Psychology. Four of these courses are specific core requirements; four are from specified areas and the remaining four are electives. The minimum of 37 credits must include the following four core courses:

PS 101             General Psychology
PS 205             Research Methods
PS 275             Psychological Statistics
PS 307             Applied Research Methods
and at least four courses (12 credits) from the following, including one from each of four different areas:

Area 1 — Developmental
1 — PS 210      Developmental Psychology
2 — PS 312      Psychology of Adolescence
3 — PS 322      Psychology of Aging
Area 2 — Social Psychology
1 — PS 250      Social Psychology
2 — PS 252      Applied Social Psychology
Area 3 — Personality and Abnormal Psychology
1 — PS 330      Theories of Personality
2 — PS 335      Abnormal Psychology
3 — PS 340      Introduction to Psychometrics
Area 4 — Learning and Cognition
1 — PS 325      Psychology of Learning
2 — PS 345      Cognitive Psychology
Area 5 — Biopsychosocial Processes
1 — PS 280      Sensation and Perception
2 — PS 380      Physiological Psychology
3 — PS 222      Introduction to Health Psychology

and 12 credits in psychology electives. At least three courses (nine credits) must be at a 300 and/or 400 level.

Evening Psychology: The required core courses for the Psychology Major may be completed with evening or summer courses. Many core courses are offered in the evening during each academic year as well as some elective courses. Internships and independent study courses, however, are only offered in fall and spring day courses.

HONORS Program: The HONORS program is designed to increase opportunities for students of outstanding ability to engage in independent work and prepare for more challenging futures. It is especially recommended for students planning to pursue graduate education.

The HONORS project must be completed and presented to the faculty sponsor. Students are required to make an oral presentation on the project in a session open to all faculty and students in the department.

Admission to the HONORS program is by application. The admission requirements, closing date for application and instructions for completing the application process may be obtained from the Department Office.

Concentrations: Students may choose to simply major in psychology without a particular specialization (by completing the Requirements for a Major in Psychology) or may choose to major in psychology with a specialization by completing the requirements for a concentration in Mental Health Services, Industrial/Organizational Psychology or Developmental Processes. They may also specialize by completing the requirements for an Interdisciplinary Concentration in Women's Studies.

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