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Major in Psychology with a Concentration
in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Requirements for a Major in Psychology, Concentration in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology: 37 credits.

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology concentration is for those students who desire to focus on organizational settings by applying psychological theory and methodology to the solution of a wide variety of human problems. They range from selection and training to employer-employee interactions to organizational development. The Industrial/ Organizational program is designed as preparation for entry-level career jobs or specialization in industrial/organizational graduate studies. In addition to the four core and four specified area psychology courses, the following courses are required:

PS 360                         Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PS 365                         Leadership Development
PS 400                         Internship in Psychology
PS 460                         Advanced Industrial/Organizational Psychology

and any two of the following:

PS 250                         Social Psychology
PS 340                         Introduction to Psychometrics
PS 350                         Group Dynamics

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