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Major in Geography with a Concentration
in Physical Geography

Requirements for the Concentration in Physical Geography
In addition to the six core courses, students will complete:

One couse in Statistics

Three of the following
GS 110 Meteorology 3
GS 210 Geomorphology 4
GS 225 Oceanography 3
GS 230 Biogeography 3

One of the following: 3
GE 258 Global Environmental Change
GE 359 Environmental Systems & Public Policy (UR 360 crosslist)

One of the following: 3
GS 318 Geographic Information Systems II
GS 218 Remote Sensing

Two of the Following: 6
Choose from ONE of the following lists

Solid Earth
GS 220 Earth History
GS 260 Soils
GS 290 Landscape Anal.
GS 305 Geol. Hazards
GS 325 Glacial Geology
GS 245 Planet. Geology
GS 470 Special Topics

GS 250 Hydrology
GS 335 Hydrogeology
GS 470 Special Topics

Climate/Atmospheric Sci.
GS 235 Contemporary Climate Change
GS 315 Climate Dynamics
GS 365 Climate Ch.E.Hist.
GS 470 Special Topics

Concentration Total 22 credits
Major Total 42 credits

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