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Major in Natural Science with a Concentration
in Nuclear Medicine Technology

(See program description under Biology.) Students must meet with the Worcester State University NMT coordinator in order to apply for admission to this program.

Requirements for a Major in Natural Science and to meet the prerequisites for the Accelerated Pharmacy Program with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science (MCPHS) (Please see program description on page 55.)

MCPHS prerequisites require completing the Natural Science degree with the following courses:

MA 150             Statistics
MA 200             Calculus
MA 201             Calculus II
BI 140               Introduction to Organismal Biology
BI 141               Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
CH 120             General Chemistry I
CH 121             General Chemistry II
CH 201/203       Organic Chemistry I with Laboratory
CH 202/204       Organic Chemistry II with Laboratory
PY 221             General Physics I
PY 222             General Physics II
BI 204               Microbiology
NS 400             Natural Science Seminar

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