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Major in Mathematics

Admission Requirements for the Mathematics Major: Rigorous high school coursework and strong SAT scores with above average grades in mathematics and computer science courses.

Requirements for a Major in Mathematics: Students must complete a core of six mathematics courses and one computer science class and in addition select one of three concentrations.

Core Courses: 24 credits

MA 200             Calculus I
MA 201             Calculus II
MA 240             Theory of Proof
MA 260             Linear Algebra
MA 310             Calculus III
CS 135             Programming for Non-CS Majors
MA 470             Capstone Experience

MA 200, MA 201 and MA 240 must be completed with grades of at least C- by the end of the sophomore year. A student may only retake any of these courses at most once to increase a grade below C-; and may retake at most two of these courses to increase a grade below C-.

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