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Major in Language and Concentration in Spanish for the Professions

Concentration in Spanish for the Professions: (36 credits)

This concentration must be completed in conjunction with a minor or major in another field. The concentration in Spanish for the Professions is recommended for students with a second major or minor for whom a college-level command of the language significantly enhances opportunities for graduate school and/or employment. This course of study must be approved by the department.

Required courses:

SP 210-211       Intermediate Spanish courses (6 credits maximum:  
                        These courses may be waived by oral and/or written
SP 321             Advanced Spanish Composition I* and/or SP 322
                        Advanced Spanish Composition II
SP 323             Advanced Spanish Conversation I**
SP 326             Spanish for the Professions
SP 327             Projects and Issues in Spanish for the Professions
SP 331             Spanish Civilization
SP 332             The Hispanic World Today or SP333 The Hispanic  
                        Presence in the United States

Spanish Literature courses (3 credits minimum)
Internship in Spanish (3 credits minimum)
Spanish Electives in Advanced Language, Civilization, Literature, Internship or Special Topics in Spanish for the Professions

There is no second foreign language requirement for this concentration.

*Required of all students unless exempted by the Department of World Languages.
**This course is a required course for all non-native Spanish speakers.

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