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Major in Chemistry

Requirements for a Major in Chemistry: 45 credits
Core: 33 credits
CH 120 & CH 121          General Chemistry I and II
CH 201 & CH 202          Organic Chemistry I and II (Lectures)
CH 203 & CH 204          Organic Chemistry Laboratory I and II
CH 301 & CH 302          Physical Chemistry I and II (Lectures)
CH 303                         Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
CH 210                         Chemical Analysis: An Introduction to Modern
CH 475                         Chemistry Seminar

Plus a minimum of 12 credits at the 300 level or above, at least one of which must be a lab course. Internships and Independent Study may contribute no more than 3 credits toward this requirement.

In addition, majors are expected to complete the following ancillary courses: MA 200 & MA 201 Calculus I and II, PY 221 & PY 222 General Physics I and II or PY 241 & PY 242 Physics I and II.

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