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Major in Business Administration

48 credits in Business Administration, of which a minimum of 25 must be completed at Worcester State University.

Common Business Core: 36 credits

Lower Division
BA 200                         Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior
BA 210                         Fundamentals of Accounting I
BA 220                         Fundamentals of Accounting II
BA 230                         Managerial Accounting or BA 374 
                                    Cost Accounting
BA 250                         Analytical Techniques in Business

Upper Division
BA 305                         Organizational Dynamics
BA 312                         Operations Management I
BA 316                         Financial Management
BA 318                         Principles of Marketing
BA 350                         Business Information Systems and Applications
BA 320                         Business Law I or BA 480 The Legal Environment
                                    of Business
BA 490                         Business Strategy and Policy

BA Electives:    Other Upper Division (300-level or above)
                        Business Administration courses: at least 12 credits

Note: You may apply any two of the following EC courses towards the BA major with a concentration in either Management, International Business, Finance or toward a minor in Business Administration.

EC 205             Money, Banking and Monetary Policy
EC 301             Economic Development
EC 307             International Finance
EC 308             International Trade

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