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Major in Biology and Concentration in Nuclear Medicine Technology

Requirements for a Major in Biology, Concentration in Nuclear Medicine Technology:
48 credits

Worcester State University offers, in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts Medical School, a concentration in Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT), administered by a program advisory committee and accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Nuclear medicine is a study of techniques developed in hospitals, particularly in radiology, pathology and internal medicine departments. These techniques are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Students interested in being considered candidates for admission to the program should contact either the program coordinator or the nominating committee as early in their college career as possible. The program is limited to a relatively small number of students.

Prerequisites for the program include successful completion of:

BI 161 & BI 162             Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II
CH 110 & CH 111          Introduction to General, Organic &
                                    Biochemistry I and II
CH 120 & CH 121          General Chemistry I and II
MA 200 & MA 201         Calculus I and II
PY 221 & PY 222          General Physics I and II or
PY 241 & PY 242          Physics I, II

Candidates must visit the Medical School Nuclear Medicine Department and file intent to enroll forms with the Worcester State University Nuclear Medicine Technology coordinator prior to being considered a candidate for the program.

Technical specialty courses of the NMT Program are:
Introduction and Hospital Orientation (no credit)
BI 252                                                   Radiation Biology
BI/PY 451 & BI/PY 452                         Nuclear Instrumentation I and II
BI 461, BI 462, BI 463, & BI 464 NMT      Clinical Practicum I, II, III and IV
BI/CH 453                                             Radiopharmaceuticals
BI/CH 465 & BI/CH 466                          Clinical Nuclear Medicine
                                                            Technology I and II

Students majoring in Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry or Natural Science may pursue the Concentration in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

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