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Major in Biology and Concentration in Bioinformatics


The purpose of this interdisciplinary concentration is to prepare students to enter the computer-intensive fields of bioinformatics, computational biology, computational chemistry, and molecular modeling including genomics and proteomics. With the advent of the Human Genome Project, an explosion of genomic information has occurred, and databases such as GenBank and EMBL have grown at a rate that now requires storage, organizing and indexing of the information. Questions of gene expression have led to computational biology, the process of analyzing genomic sequences and to the field of proteomics, the understanding of protein structure and function. The information obtained by computational biology and computational chemistry is used in the design of new drugs to treat a variety of diseases. Major drug and biotechnology companies are seeking people trained in bioinformatics.

In addition to the requirements for the Major in Biology:

BT 378              Bioinformatics* 4
CS 140             Introduction to Programming 4
CS 242             Data Sructures 3
CS 282             UNIX Systems Programming 3
CS 265             Database Applications 3

*BT 378 Bioinformatics fulfills an upper division Cellular/Molecular Biology elective. (requires BI 141 or BI 203 as a prerequisite)

Requirements for a Major in Biology and to meet the prerequisites for the Accelerated Pharmacy Program with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science (Please see program description on page 55)

All of the courses listed for a major in biology plus:
CH 203             Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CH 204             Organic Chemistry Laboratory II

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