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Psychology Scholarship & Research

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Psychology courses acquaint students with basic principles of learning, motivation, development, and interpersonal relationships, providing a foundation for effective living and a background for a variety of career opportunities. The major provides students with a wide range of marketable and graduate study skills that include interpersonal awareness, problem-solving, research, and computer literacy.

Baccalaureate degree holders are prepared for entry level positions in a broad range of areas including health and social services, mental health, organizational leadership and management, community relations, education, human resources, program development, public affairs, social science research, and programs for women. Psychology is recognized in Massachusetts as a certificate academic major for Early Childhood and Elementary Education students. Those who major in psychology are able to develop an expertise in one of the Department's areas of concentration: Mental Health Services, Developmental Process, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Those with bachelor's degrees in psychology work in the same fields as do psychologists with graduate degrees. Some of the department's alumni:

• Counsel or teach people in group homes, nursing homes, and clinics

• Are case managers in insurance companies

• Plan and execute research

• Help young people in juvenile courts, schools and recreational programs

• Are behavior specialists

• Counsel drug addicts and victims of abuse

The department provides solid preparation for graduate work in psychology by helping students develop specializations and providing opportunities for the development of excellent research skills. The department offers an HONORS program and an internship program and operates a state-of-the-art computer laboratory. Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, is available to outstanding students who major in the discipline.

The minor program offers an opportunity for students wishing to develop a core understanding of psychology. The minor is not meant for students whose primary interest is the study of psychology; instead, it is a complement to other fields of study where knowledge of psychology and its methods would be beneficial.

Admission Requirements: Admission is open to any student who is interested in psychology and who can maintain a 2.0 grade point average in the required and elective psychology courses.

Curriculum & Courses 

     Major in Psychology

     Major in Psychology, Concentration in
       Mental Health Services

     Major in Psychology, Concentration in
       Industrial/ Organizational Psychology

     Major in Psychology, Concentration in
       Developmental Processes

     Major in Psychology, Interdisciplinary Concentration in
       Women's Studies

     Minor in Psychology

     • Major in Psychology, Concentration in
       Developmental Disabilities Psychology

     Psychology Courses 

Degree Completion Samples
Early Childhood Education & Psychology
Elementary Education & Psychology

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