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Global Studies

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary academic area that draws from a wide range of disciplines in the Humanities, the Sciences and the Arts to examine global processes and events and their effects at a local level. For the last two decades the world has been undergoing a sustained reorganization along economic, social, political, cultural, technological and environmental lines that cut across national boundaries. We have also experienced an increased global connectivity, integration and interdependence, and witnessed the emergence of planet wide issues such as climate change, poverty, new technologies and entrenched wars. In response to these real world events, Global Studies has emerged as a dynamic interdisciplinary academic field to study the forces shaping these complex processes.

The mission of the Global Studies concentration is to prepare students to understand international affairs and provide them with a solid background for decision-making in an increasingly interdependent world community. Students are encouraged to connect their knowledge of a particular region of the world to larger transnational processes and to examine their identities in a global frame. The interdisciplinary concentration in Global Studies will give students added skills to function in a global market and the depth of understanding necessary to be responsible citizens of planet Earth.
Curriculum & Courses
     • Concentration in Global Studies
Faculty and Staff
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Program Director:
Josna Rege, Ph.D.
Office: A-162 (inside Office 159 in the
Shaughnessy Administration Building)
Phone: 508-929-8701
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