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Faculty Research

Faculty Research

Worcester State College has a reputation for engaging its undergraduate students in research projects in unprecedented numbers.  This hands-on approach that draws students outside of the classroom and into the field makes for an unparalleled learning experience.

Professor Frank Lamelas Explores Crystal Growth 

Frank Lamelas

Professor Finds Alternative Teaching Tool With iPods in the Classroom

Kyle Martin  

Professor Meyer Teaches the MP3 Generation About Hearing Health
Susanna Meyer  

Mini Grant Supports Nanotechnology Research
High Performance Computer Cluster to Aid Faculty & Stud. Researchers

Eihab Jaber  

Why Students Need to Know the Why? of Math

Richard Bisk

Thai Professor Observes WSC Education and Science Classes
Pornprom Chaichatpornsuk   

Exploring Cultural Influences in Early Childhood Emotional Development
Beth Russell  

The Art of Physics
Sudha Swaminathan  

Impact and Recovery: Young Survivors of Tsunami
Champika K. Soysa  

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children
Sue Foo  

Faculty Build Intensive Language and Society Program in Mexico for 2009
Juan Orbe and Guillermina Elissondo   

Introduces Students to Research on Exotic Mediterranean Creatures
Jeffry Nichols  

WSC Students Join Professor in Search of Imperiled New England Species
Randall Tracy  

Research Featured at Harvard and in PBS Documentary Companion Book
Lisa Krissoff Boehm  

Experiment with Environment Friendly Alternatives in Chemistry Labs
John Goodchild  

Enables Yang to Publish Book on Goddesses, Mages and Wise Women
Sharon Yang  

Professor Explores Thirty Years of Military Dictatorship in El Salvador
Aldo Garcia Guevara  

Brings Unique Opportunity of Book Arts and a Printmaking Studio to WSC
Amaryllis Siniossoglou  

Cultural Variations in Understanding of the Nature & Purposes of Marriage
Bonnie Kanner 


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